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The below fees apply from 1 March 2024.

We are a fully private billing practice. You may be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate from the Federal Government, if you have had an in-person consultation within the last twelve months.

Fees for Medicare card holders without a concession card

Minutes Fee Rebate Gap
<5 $55.00 $18.95 $36.05
<15 $100.00 $41.40 $58.60
<25 $150.00 $80.10 $69.90
<40 $200.00 $80.10 $119.90
<45 $300.00 $118.00 $182.00
<60 $400.00 $118.00 $282.00
60+ $500.00 $191.20 $308.80

Patients with a valid concession card at the time of their appointment will be charged a lower rate. Reduced fees will not apply to Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Holders.

Fees for Health Care Card and Pension Card holders

Minutes Fee Rebate Gap
<5 $45.00 $18.95 $26.05
<15 $80.00 $41.40 $38.60
<25 $120.00 $80.10 $39.90
<40 $160.00 $80.10 $79.90
<45 $240.00 $118.00 $122.00
<60 $320.00 $118.00 $202.00
60+ $400.00 $191.20 $208.80

Telephone/Telehealth Consultations

Fees are the same as ‘in-person’ consultations, and will not be bulk billed.


  1. No out of pocket fees will apply for chronic disease care plans, team care arrangements, or home medication reviews.
  2. DVA Gold Card holders will be bulk billed for consultations performed at or from the surgery. 

Additional fees for procedures and consumables, where applicable, are charged in addition to consultation fees. Further, please note that a fee of $33 will be charged for transfers to other practices.


An in-person follow-up appointment is always preferable.

Where a phone consultation is suitable, and the results are normal or uncomplicated, a fee of $1 above the Medicare rebate will be charged (please note that a verbal agreement to bulk bill is illegal).

Some discussions will require more time, documentation, or further action. In such cases, a full private fee applies.

Requests for Scripts, Referrals, and Other Documents Without a Consultation

If you have had a consult with one of our doctors within the past three months and an appointment is deemed unnecessary by the doctor, a non-rebatable fee of $27 is charged to cover the doctor’s administrative time.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your repeat script, referral letter, or other document to be ready. Scripts can be sent in electronic format to your phone or to the pharmacy, or you can collect it from the front desk. Documents can be sent through email or collected from the front desk.

Please advise your preferred method of receiving your script or document at the time of your request.

Payments and Medicare Rebates
Accounts are fully payable on the day of consultation, otherwise an account keeping fee of $33 may be charged.

We can lodge your Medicare claim on your behalf at the time of payment – it will be deposited directly into your bank account. If you do not hold a current Medicare card, or have not had an in-person consultation within the last twelve months, you will not be entitled to a Medicare rebate.

Employment medicals do not attract a Medicare rebate.

Medical Assessments and Reports

Please note these do not attract a Medicare rebate, and will also incur GST.

Workcover and TAC

Patients may be reimbursed by their employer or TAC.

International Visitors

Receipts will be provided to patients, to enable self-claiming of any insurance benefits.

Home Visits

Standard fee must be paid prior to the visit. Adjustments may be necessary afterwards.

Minutes Fee Rebate Gap
15 $250.00 $70.40 $179.60
30 $300.00 $109.10 $190.90
45 $400.00 $147.00 $253.00
60 $500.00 $220.20 $279.80

Residential Aged Care Facility Visits

Standard fee must be paid prior to the visit. Adjustments may be necessary afterwards.

Minutes Fee Rebate Gap
Flag fall $60.55
15 $300.00 $101.95 $198.05
30 $350.00 $140.65 $209.35
45 $450.00 $178.55 $271.45
60 $550.00 $241.75 $308.25

Transfer of Medical Records to Another Practice

A signed authority with the details of the new medical practice will be required.

An administration fee of $33 is payable.